John Kelly UDL Award 2020

John Kelly Award – UDL

John Kelly Award UDL

Prof. Kelly led a movement right from the beginning which developed into the founding of AHEAD and he remained central to the organisation as Chair of the Board of AHEAD until 2005.   In 2019, AHEAD launched the John Kelly Award for Universal Design in Teaching and Learning in honour of his work in the field.

I was shortlisted for the John Kelly Award in April 2020 and the video below demonstrates the implementation of UDL into my practice.  Laura Hegarty UDL Ahead Conference Through the Looking Glass

Laura Hegarty John Kelly Award UDL 2020 Ahead Conference (12 mins)

Summary image of all 3 participants from UDL Conference 2020 by AHEAD



Testimonal by Dara Ryder, CEO of AHEAD 

“As a participant on AHEAD’s Digital Badge for Universal Design in Teaching and Learning, Laura produced outstanding work in implementing the principles of universal design for learning (UDL) in her teaching. She used the UDL framework to build in flexibility and accessibility, and give her students options in how they engage with, understand and demonstrate their learning.

 Such was the quality of her work, she was shortlisted for the 2020 John Kelly Award final which celebrates the most innovative graduates of the digital badge and received a great reception when presenting her UDL work to 250 educators online at the final itself. To this day, we still include Laura’s work as an exemplar of great UDL practice for the new groups of digital badge participants learning about UDL.”


Laura Hegarty CAST UDL Credentials Sept 2020 


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Laura Hegarty UDL Cast Credentials 1 and 2

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Laura Hegarty CAST Credential – Level 2 (Core) 

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